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City-Wide WiFi

As soon as a Wi-Fi-equipped device is within range of a base station, it's online. With no wires, you can move your laptop computer from place to place.

Campus-Wide WiFi

Wi-Fi's latest version is many times faster than DSL or cable connections, and literally hundreds of times faster than those old dial-up connections.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Wi-Fi hotspot is created by installing an access point to an internet or network connection

About Us

Leading Provider

Data Force is a leading provider of Wi-Fi Services, City-Wide Wi-Fi, Campus-Wide Wi-Fi, Building Wi-Fi, Industrial Zone Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Hotspot, All kind of Wi-Fi Services, Telco’s Of loading.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide your business with professionally-installed systems, monitored and maintained by our expertly-trained staff, and to ensure maximum uptime. Further, our intention is to provide equipment, service and support that will exceed our client’s and their guest’s expectations, creating an excellent impression for our customer as well as our company.


Our mission is to provide our clients with the ability to communicate better and enjoy the maximum cost savings without compromise in any of the solutions we provide. We take pride in being a full-service company which can give our clients innovative and end to end solutions for all communication needs.


To be the leading value added services provider, continuously adding value to customers & Business Associates, by offering state of the art products & services.

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